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A variety of books and paper produced between 2005-2006 in the Cooper Union printmaking studios:

"I Can't Said the Ant" by Polly Cameron was one of my childhood favorites for books and this piece was made in homage to that. Above is my remake of the book, with glaze cleaner transfers, which was featured in my senior show along with the ant farm case that you might see here. The case housed this book as well as a copy of the original book.

The pages of "Za Book" are constructed of paper produced utilizing my dog Za's fur. During the paper drying process, I had Za step on some of the pages to make permanent imprints, complete with mud, into the paper fibers. The red lines running through some of the pages also nod to the Curtain Project and the black silhouettes are of Za.

Experimental piece before embarking on the Za book.

Book with embossed paper cover
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