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Curtain Project

2006, my dog, Za, and I connected to each other with red yarn.

The photos were printed onto fabric which were turned into curtains. The red yarn, for me, symbolizes the empathetic relationship I have with my dog, Za. When Za was a puppy she suffered from separation anxiety (according to my mom). Looking back on it, I think it was just her being a puppy, but none-the-less: When I would leave her, she became so desperate and so self destructive/destructive. Her most notable efforts were to successfully push a full sized bed (on frame, with wheels) to a 5½ foot dresser.

On top of the dresser was a bottle of Ibuprofen in a childproof container. Unfortunately, it was not childproof for my furry child. Don't worry though, she was discovered quickly and my mom and I rushed her to the hospital. Za has no lasting consequences.

She managed to tear all the linoleum off of her puppy room floor.

Getting tangled in the blinds while looking out the window. She was so pathetic when I found her. No damage was done, except to the blinds.

Getting a box of Godiva chocolate out of a closet with a closed door. The chocolate was at the top of the closet on a shelf, but somehow, she manipulated the clothing on hangers to knock the chocolates down, after opening the door, of course.

She did that kind of thing again, except with roach traps. She didn't throw-up or have diarrhea, which apparently was supposed to happen, according to poison control.

I never did any of those things (except for maybe eating a whole box of chocolate), but I empathize with her on the abandonment thing.
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